2022 meeting agendas & Minutes

2021 meeting agendas & Minutes

Wednesday February 06, 2019

I would like to thank the executive and directors for their hard work and diligence in the continued support of the Chamber. Candace MacKean, Marilyn Munroe, Sandy Moser, Ed Empringham, Cathy Farris, Dawn Howe Power, Jim Bradley, Jack Marshall, Wayne Malay, Meryl Atkinson, Becky Atkinson, Mark Krause, Trevor Gammon, Anthony Turner , Peter Stein and Lorraine Snyder.

Business Marking Committee: (formerly the Business Committee and the new Marketing Committee combined) Marilyn and Becky have been the chairs for this committee. They have been very successful in hosting courses over the last several years.

The committee has been working to develop a brand for our area. This would include promotional materials, and a new website. The goal of this branding initiative is to promote our area to potential businesses, medical personnel, tourists, and new residents. The committee plans to have materials ready by this spring. The priority will be the trade show materials, so it will be ready for the first part of April. Saltscapes will be the first place to showcase our new branding materials.

Marina Update: Cathy is the chair of the marina committee. The committee was pleased with the number of boats that moored in our harbor this year. There have been several new members recruited for the committee.

Develop Nova Scotia, formally known as Waterfront Development has changed its name and now serves all of Nova Scotia. Jennifer Angel, CEO is determined to see our project succeed. Robert met with Adam Langley and a colleague from Develop Nova Scotia and toured the Millbrook wharf. They seem very interested in having a marina here in Sheet Harbour. The hope is to get Millbrook more involved. Cathy and Anthony met with Adam on Fri Sept 28th. An application for funding from Northern Affairs has been sent so they are waiting to see if they are successful. If so, then the marina project can start. There is approximately $150,00.00 to raise to begin the marina project.

High speed internet: Develop Nova Scotia: We did not receive the Connect to Innovate funds that we applied for. Waterfront Development has changed its name to Develop Nova Scotia and now will be responsible for all Nova Scotia. They hope to have 95% of Nova Scotia with Internet coverage and the other 5% will have a satellite option. Councillor David Hensbee and and MLA Kevin Murphy would like to take a regional approach to broadband development on the Eastern Shore. We will be looking at creating an Eastern HRM committee that would involve Musquodoboit Harbour and Sheet Harbour. More information will be available as we move forward. We have met three times with Develop Nova Scotia and continue to work with the to find ways to improve internet service in our area.

Banquet: Hats off to Peter Stein and his committee for working on the banquet project. Approximately $9600.00 was raised.

Crosswalk: A new crosswalk was completed for replacement of the older one. This crossing is between the hospital and Lawton’s. As well the crosswalk by the bank has also been repainted. Thanks to Anthony Turner for his persistent work on this project.

MacPhee House: Jim Bradley has taken on the task of managing the MacPhee House. In addition to government funded students, the Chamber paid the cost of hiring another student because the number provided by government grants was insufficient to run the VIC effectively. They did a great job and 2659 visitors have signed into the VIC this season, up 640 visitors from last summer. MacPhee House also hosted Aboriginal Day and Canada Day celebrations in cooperation with Millbrook and other Aboriginal residents who provided wonderful demonstrations.

Jim wanted to thank all that helped in any way with the cleanup of the building and grounds this season- Especially Sandy MacKenzie and Peter Stein for bringing his wood chipper. Another thanks to Carl Bezanson and friends for the music over the summer. The boardwalk was ¾ replaced and the rest will be replaced asap. A water purification system will be installed soon.

Office: The Chamber is renting an office in the Bluewater building. From May to November this office was sublet to MP Sean Fraser for one day per month.

Port Authority: The Port Authority committee usually has four meetings a year. There is an average of 7-9 ships per year. NFTI had 12 ships scheduled for 2018. Integrated Drilling is still present with 4-5 employees. Also, Levy’s boat shop is working at the port. A Canadian Coast Guard ship was at the wharf this summer and offered tours to the public. A tall ship will be here in July, 2019.

Marine Protected Area: The Area of Interest for an MPA was announced in March, 2018. DFO conducted community meetings and asked for volunteers to establish an advisory board to guide them in this process. It was decided to be part of the advisory committee and Susan Levy was chosen to be our delegate with Peter Stein and Randy Tilden are the alternates.

Eastern Shore Memorial Hospital: A letter was sent a letter to the Health Minister and our local government officials regarding our concerns with the hospital and the closed emergency room. We received a letter back from the Minister of Health Randy Delorey to say that he is aware of our concerns regarding the emergency department closures and the need for a physician. He stated that the board is working on recruitment of family doctors within HRM and that staff has been asked to review the policy. Since them there has been a committee formed from the communities served by the hospital to look for solutions to our medical crisis.

Tourism: Sandy and Meryl continue to work with WITAP committee. This year, WITAP will receive funding in the amount of 700,00.00 for various projects for this second phase. Projects include look offs and pull offs, tourism based workshops, marketing and branding, bicycle routes for the eastern shore, and more.

We are supporting an initiative by WITAP representative, Gordon Hammond to create a North Atlantic Oceanarium in this area. Currently there is a feasibility study being done for this project.

Christmas Parade and Wreaths: Our members in cooperation with the Sheet Harbour Lions Club organized the Christmas parade and Tree Lighting on December 2nd. Sheet Harbour Radio was the MC for the event at MacPhee House. Refreshments were provided by the Lions Club.

I will close by saying thanks to all members who work to make our communities better places to live. We must continue to work together toward making the Eastern Shore a a wonderful place to live, work, and do business.

Robert Moser




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