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Sheet Harbour is centrally positioned in a province rich in opportunity.

The community of Sheet Harbour has always been the commercial centre of the Eastern Shore. The economy is based on forestry, fishing, tourism, and local commercial services. Sheet Harbour also boasts an Industrial Port and Industrial Park. Sheet Harbour is also the commercial and services centre for the area who access the regional health care facility, shopping, and other services.

The Business Case

Service‐based companies such as customer contact centres, back offices and information technology firms are increasingly looking at rural communities to locate their facilities. Locating in Sheet Harbour means less competition for the workforce and more competitive operating costs. Employees are also now placing more emphasis on quality of life and Sheet Harbour offers an unmatched environment for people looking for a pristine and beautiful location in which to live and work.

Companies looking at locating or expanding in the Halifax region should consider Sheet Harbour. Some companies just might find it is just the business environment they are looking for.

Within the Halifax Regional Municipality, Sheet Harbour offers most companies a considerably lower operating cost environment. This is due mainly to lower wage costs and other facility costs such as land and property taxes. Within Greater Halifax, Sheet Harbour is among the lowest cost communities for both business and residents.

Retail and Commercial Buildings

Discover real estate opportunities in this area. There are a number of buildings in Sheet Harbour that are perfect for redevelopment into office retail or other commercial uses. Ideal for a 50 ‐100 seat customer contact/back office operation or information technology studio. 


For example, a decommissioned CANTAT 2 transatlantic cable station operated by Teleglobe is vacant. It is a well-built facility that could easily be redeployed as a data centre or other similar facility.

Port of Sheet Harbour

Only 85km from the circumpolar route, the fastest way to Europe, the second largest port facility in the Halifax Regional Municipality is located at Sheet Harbour.


The Port of Sheet Harbour ships forest products from the Musquodoboit Valley and the industrial Pictou County area during the winter months (when Pictou Harbour is icebound). The Port of Sheet Harbour was upgraded in 1988 and features an Industrial Park as well as a 500 foot Common User Docks. The Port is also the closest marine facility to the Sable Island Offshore Oil Fields (240 km/150 miles).


Situated on Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore approximately 115 kilometers (70 miles) east of Halifax the Harbour is approximately 80 km (50 miles) west of the Great Circle Route between North America and Europe. Position: Lat 44 degrees 51’N/Long.62 degrees 30’W


The approach channel has a low tide depth of 11 – 15 metres with no width restrictions. Pilotage is available but not compulsory.  Sheet Harbour features a 500 foot berthing wharf with a 34 feet draught connected to a large concrete pad. The facility also has two 10 feed wide runways and a 12.3 acre common user area. 



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112 km (70 miles) to Truro

85 km (53 miles) to New Glasgow

112 km (70 miles) to Halifax

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I'm proud to be able to live and work in the Sheet Harbour area since building my business here.

Rebecca Atkinson

Owner, Sober Island Brewing