Living here

Maybe it’s the fresh salt air, maybe it’s the friendly people – either way, we’re the best kept secret in Nova Scotia. Don’t tell anyone.

Top 10 reasons to live here

In no particular order because to us, they’re all #1

1. Our quality of life

It’s a slower, relaxed pace. No traffic or parking metres here. Kids can play and build castles from sand.

Nestled among a multitude of small coves and inlets along the eastern shore of Nova Scotia, Sheet Harbour is a down-home friendly village that offers its residents a low cost of living, very low crime rate, and access to a wide variety of recreational amenities.

2. Affordable real estate

Our low cost of living is led by affordable homes. Oceanfront or ocean view… either way, the Atlantic is near. Find single family homes for under $100,000 CAD. See all real estate listings.

3. A commercial centre with all you need

About 800 people call Sheet Harbour home, and the village serves the greater catchment area of 5,000 people. Many of whom come to work, shop, or go to school right here. 

The area has:

4. Life near the water

Fish, kayak, sail, or power boat on the river, lake, and ocean. There are several boat launch options – we’ll even tell you where the bites are.

If kayaking and boating are your thing, we have 100 Wild Islands at our doorstep. Explore the windswept islands, hidden coves, and Instagram-friendly sunsets.

5. Business potential

“Sheet Harbour is Open For Business” and offers an interesting value proposition for companies that are looking to expand their business:

Learn more about working in Sheet Harbour.

6. Close to urban centres

Sheet Harbour sits between two large rivers and fronts on the Atlantic Ocean. The Village has a scenic drive highway that goes through it on the way to Sherbrook and Cape Breton. There are also 2 other highways ending in Sheet Harbour: Highway’s #224 & 374. These crossroads offer a short commute to many of the province ’s population centres including: 

Halifax, Stellarton, Truro, New Glasgow and Antigonish  – all within a 1 to 1.5 hours drive of downtown Sheet Harbour. 

7. Maritime arts & culture

Sculpture, pottery, scenic photography, jewellery, painting, stained glass, rug hooking and more. Our talented artists and artisans creations are shaped by the Atlantic, and our rich maritime culture. 

Learn more about Artisans of the Eastern Shore.

8. Low tax rates

Sheet Harbour’s municipal tax rates are among the lowest in the city. Residential and Resource rate: $0.6405 /$100 of assessed value Commercial rate: $2.5920 /$100 of assessed value Services provided in this rate: Policing, solid waste, recreation programs, planning, libraries, sports fields, playgrounds, administration, fire suppression, street lighting, recreational and community facilities (municipality’s share of capital and operating costs). Source: Halifax

9. We're growing

Whether it’s a new high school and bridge, a potential Beluga whale sanctuary, potential oceanarium, or a new marina, there is a lot of development and growth happening in the village of Sheet Harbour. See What’s Going On for regular project updates.

10. Festivals & community events

There is something for everyone, year-round:
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The beauty, the quietness, neighbours who are happy to help you, inexpensive properties on and near the ocean.

Stephen and Bobbie Mildenberger