Jan 28

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Hope Chest Rules

“HOPE CHEST” Official Rules and Regulations

• You can register to play the “HOPE CHEST” at any time and you can register more than one number. In order to win, your registered number(s) must be played. To register, fill out a ticket card at one of our “Hope Chest” locations. Print legibly. Put the side with your contact info in the box. Keep the other side, it has on it your “Number For Life”. This number remains yours until you request, in writing, to have it removed from our list; the lottery ceases; or in the event of the death of the registered number owner.
• When the ticket cards are collected from the “HOPE CHEST” boxes, the information from these cards will be added to our master list.
• The weekly draw will occur every Wednesday at the Bluewater Building, Unit 214, 22756 Highway 7, Sheet Harbour, NS. The deadline to play is noon of the day of the draw. To play, use a sticker supplied at the box and put your “Number For Life” on it. Underline your number. Put the sitcker on a Toonie and drop it into the “Hope Chest”.
• You can play in advance by filling out an envelope at one of our vendors with your name, Number for Life and an amount. Place the amount (in multiples of $10 – each $10 equals 5 consecutive weeks play for that number) in the envelope and drop it into the “HOPE CHEST” (bills only, please!).
• A notice will be placed on the box indicating the date of the next weekly draw.
• Winners will be contacted by phone and/or email.
• A government issued picture ID is required to collect your winnings.
• When you claim or are paid a prize, you automatically grant the right to publish, through all types of media broadcasting, including the internet, for the purposes of promoting the win, your name, hometown and photograph without any claim for broadcasting, printing or other rights. You will have no claim for invasion of privacy or any other ground(s) by reason of the publication or broadcasting of your name, hometown or photograph or information voluntarily provided by you.
• If a player does not play their “Number” and his/her number is drawn, they do not win and therefore the prize money “rolls over” to the next draw.
• Excepting the Nova Scotia gaming policy that all players must be 19 years or older and a resident of Nova Scotia, the organization has placed no additional restrictions on who may play “HOPE CHEST”. Sponsors, donors, volunteers, members and staff of the organization will be permitted to play.
• Winners have 90 days from the draw date to claim their prize. Should the winner not come forward, a second draw must be made for prizes unclaimed after 90 days following the original draw date.

Nova Scotia Gaming Lottery License:

You can register and play at these locations:

-Gizmo’s Variety,
​28995 Hwy 7, Moser River

– Dufferin Variety
​25528 Hwy 7, Port Dufferin

-Norse Cove Cafe
​15643 Hwy 7, East Ship Harbour

-JP’s Mini Stop
​19620 Hwy 7, Spry Bay

-Sheet Harbour Discount,
​22808 Hwy 7, Sheet Harbour

-Sheet Harbour Fuels & Convenience,
​22512 Hwy 7, Sheet Harbour

-Sheet Harbour Wilsons, ​
​22677 Hwy 7, Sheet Harbour

We are very fortunate to have the Sheet Harbour Lions Club sponsoring this fundraising effort as one of their community activities.
Exciting News!

Weekly 50/50 draw!

And it only costs a Toonie!

For the Opening Draw only, there
is a guaranteed prize of

The Eastern Shore Lifestyles Centre Society is starting a weekly Toonie 50/50 draw and each week you can enter to win one-half of the proceeds for that week. We are calling it our “Hope Chest” and you will be able to find it at the businesses listed below. Our first draw will be January 24th but you can register for your Number at any time.

We “Hope” you will play a part in the future of a new multi-purpose community venture by supporting the “Hope Chest”. I’m sure you will “Hope” you win!

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