Feb 19

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Chamber of Commerce Free Courses

Expand your knowledge and your business!

The Business Committee of the Sheet Harbour and Area Chamber of Commerce and Civic Affairs is offering more FREE learning.

Starting in April we would like to offer the following courses:
​Intermediate Excel
​Financial Management for small business
​Marketing Strategy & Planning
​Sage accounting

Courses are 4 hours per class for 10 weeks.

Courses offered depend on participation.

To sign up please contact chamberbizcomm@gmail.com


Look here to see more information.

1. Intermediate Excel
This course is hands on and is recommended to take participants from basic to advanced levels within the 40-hour course. (As a prerequisite, participants must be proficient in computer use skills). Some of the topics covered will be:
 Navigating spreadsheets
 Using MS Excel functions
 Editing contents of cells
 Referencing other cells (in formulas, within the worksheet and in other worksheets)
 Entering various formulas
 Formatting spreadsheets
 Changing views
 Hiding columns, rows and sheets
 Copying and moving sheets
 Creating charts
 Creating pivot tables
 Creating and using macros
 Date and Time functions
 Printing
 Security

Excel is such a useful tool in any business and once you know how to use the program and apply it to your business it will become an invaluable tool!
2. Sage 50:

Sage 50 accounting will get you up and going on Sage 50 software so you can do your own bookkeeping and develop you numeracy and critical thinking skills. A prerequisite for this course is proficiency in computer use. Topics covered will include:
 Payables
 Receivables
 Banking
 Government Remittances
 Debits and Credits
 Reports
 General Journal
 Setting up your business

Even if you don’t do your own books, the training you will get from this course will help give you a better understanding of the importance of keeping an excellent set of records.
3. Financial Management

This forty hour course will develop essential numeracy skills that will help participants manage their small business finances. As a prerequisite, participants must have basic math skills. Topics to develop financial management skills include:
 Forecasting and setting a budget
 Cash flow management
 Computerized bookkeeping applications such as Sage 50 or QuickBooks
 Analyzing data and management reports such as aging receivables and payables
 Collecting money from customers
 Analyzing expenses
 Making decisions based on a financial analysis
 Understanding income statements
 Understanding balance sheets
 Pricing strategies
 Basic bookkeeping transactions on a manual columnar ledger
 Payroll using CRA’s online tool
 Control procedures
 End of period procedures
 Financing options for your business
 Debt management
 Financial terms and definitions so you can understand what your accountant is saying

4. Essential Skills in Marketing

Marketing your new business is important and having the skills to put yourself on the right path will help you immeasurably. You could expect the following topics to be covered in this forty hour course:
 Critical thinking and writing skills to create a marketing plan to aid in reaching your customers cost effectively, this would also include creating marketing campaigns
 Numeracy and critical thinking skills to create a sustainable marketing budget
 Critical thinking skills and document use skills to conduct and analyze market research to identify a target market, so that inexperienced business owners can find a profitable niche
 Use critical thinking skills to create marketing strategies so they make decisions to move your business in the right direction, such as:
o Exploring the four basic ways to grow a business in order to pick which strategies are right for the business and when to execute the strategies
o Learn the basics of appropriately pricing products for your target market (s)
o Picking the right sales channels
o Utilizing the right promotion strategy to reach your audience
 Communication and writing skills so you are using the right message for the right audience, branding, promoting where your target market will take notice, including traditional advertising and online media
 How to stay in touch with your customers with retention campaigns
 Writing and visually creating content for an online marketing strategy
 Writing the content for branded marketing material
 Exploring options to create your own website from a template and having it found through online searches
 Using critical thinking skills to analyze which of their marketing actions are working

*As yet, a basic sales skills topic hasn’t been worked into this course, but it is a key communication skill in business and is also a marketing tactic.

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