Jan 09

Life Styles Hope Chest Lottery

​The Capital and Operating fundraising committee for the Eastern Shore Lifestyles Centre Society is bringing a new fundraiser to the Eastern Shore from East Ship Harbour to Ecum Secum. The fundraiser, in support of the new facility, is being sponsored by the Sheet Harbour Lions Club and it is called ‘Hope Chest’ and is a weekly 50/50 Draw that costs a Toonie ($2) a week (per number) to play. You begin by registering for a ‘Number for Life’ which then becomes your number to play each week……You go to participating vendors who will provide a white sticker that you will write your number on, Stick It To A Toonie, and then place your Toonie in the Hope Chest . On Wednesdays the coin with their numbers will be collected and then a random draw for the winning number will take place each week in the office of the Sheet Harbour and Area Chamber of Commerce Office, Unit 214, in the Bluewater Building in Sheet Harbour. The winner of the number drawn will win one half of the amount played… and if the number drawn doesn’t happen to have been ‘played’ that week….the funds will ‘roll over’ to the next week and will be added to the prize allotment for the following week. The vendors participating are : Norse Cove Cafe ; JP’s Mini Stop; Sheet Harbour Fuels and Convenience Irving Garage; Sheet Harbour Wilson’s Garage; Sheet Harbour Discount Store; Dufferin Variety; Gizmo’s Variety. Players must be 19 years of age. A government issued picture ID is required to collect your winnings. First Draw Date is January 24th in the Bluewater Building , Unit 214. AGD-106640-17.
An information flyer with Toonie 50/50 Draw on it with the rules and information is being mailed in early January and will be printed on Blue Paper…so watch for it in your mail.

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Dec 30

Moser River Community Centre Activities

First Monday of the Month – Moser River Community Hall Meeting-7:00pm

Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday – Exercises – 9:00-10:00 am – Donation at the door – All Welcome

Every Tuesday – 45 Cards- 7:30 pm- Cost – $7.00- All Welcome

Every Wednesday – Music Night – Bring your instrument and join the fun – 7:00pm
Donation at the Door- All Welcome

Every Thursday – Darts – 7:30pm

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Jun 02

Friends of Taylor Head Park Activities


The Friends of Taylor Head Provincial Park (FOTHP) organization offers a program of interpreted and guided outings and other events that we hope will enhance the experience of park users. This initiative originates from our strong attachment to Taylor Head Provincial Park and our passion for the natural world.

The guides and interpreters for all activities are volunteers. We have limited resources in terms of the scope and level of assistance that we are able to offer to participants who cannot safely participate without special attention or supervision. In particular, if you have mobility, endurance, or cognitive limitations we ask that you read the program details very carefully to ensure that the activity you choose is right for you. The program includes both easy and demanding events.

All activities are FREE.

If you would like to support the organization and the work we do, purchase a Friends of Taylor Head membership. Annual membership fees are Family $20 and Individual $10.

You need sturdy footwear such as walking shoes, hiking sneakers, or hiking boots. Street shoes or sandal-type footwear with open toes and heels are not suitable for these rough hiking trails. If you have questions about the conditions of the trails, just give us a call.

We have graded our hiking trails as EASY or MODERATE for hikes under 3 kilometers, and DIFFICULT for hikes over 3 kilometers, such as the Headland Trail. Most outings exceed three hours, so do not forget to bring drinking water, something to eat, and appropriate outdoor clothing.




Flickers at Taylor Head Provincial Park

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Apr 04

Download A Community Listing Directory

Click here to download a community directory listing

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Dec 05

Online Store Retail Links

  1. Canadian Tire

  2. Costco

  3. Ebay Canada

  4. Ebay US

  5. Walmart

  6. Toys r Us

  7. Home Hardware

  8. Home Depot

  9. The Shopping Channel

  10. Princess Auto

  11. The Source

  12. New Egg –  computer and electronics

  13. Tiger Direct – computers and electronics

  14. Sears Outlet Site

  15. Staples

  16. Best Buy

  17. Future Shop

  18. Shaw Direct Satellite

  19. Bell Satellite TV


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Dec 05

Online Weather Links

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Dec 05

Online News Organizations

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Dec 05

Online Job Links & Resources

  1.  Job Bank

  2. Job Search Services

  3. Jobs.ca

  4. Wowjobs.ca

  5. Career Beacon

  6. Monster Job Site

  7. Employment Nova Scotia

  8. Nova Scotia Job Shop

  9. Workopolis

  10. Capital Health Jobs

  11. HRM Jobs

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