Mar 12

Special Olympics Truck Convoy



Special Olympics Largest Truck Convoy 2018
​I work with Northern Fiber Terminal in Sheet Harbour Nova Scotia day to day and I drive part time for Atlantic Tiltload as a part time adventure. Over the past two years, my wife, Rebecca and I have been participating and driving in the largest truck convoy for Special Olympics here in Nova Scotia., My son, Thomas joined us last year, (2017). I achieved the recognition of being in the top 5 fundraisers for the convoy last year.

This year like all athletes, I am going for the GOLD!

My goal is to become Lead Truck of the 200 trucks registered. I aspire to guide us throughout the Convoy route with the grill of my truck proudly sporting the LEAD TRUCK banner for this life altering event. In addition, like most years, I carry an athlete with me to wave to the crowds from the passenger seat and share in the energy of the day. Their smiles say it all!
With your help and support, this goal can be achieved. For every dollar I raise, Atlantic Tiltload will match the pledge .
I would like to ask for your support by sponsoring me, for the Special Olympic’s Largest Truck Convoy 2018 held on Sept 22 2018

Email transfers can be sent to Tickets on the draw for one night and breakfast for two at Liscombe Lodge, are currently on sale at Scotiabank and for the month of March, they will match our sales! Please help us reach LEAD TRUCK.

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Mar 07

St. Peter’s Church Kitchen Party

St. Peter’s RC Church invites you to attend a St. Patrick’s Day Kitchen Party on Sunday, March 18th from 1-4 pm at the Wildlife Club House, Sheet Harbour. Light Lunch will be served.
Admission: $8.00. Everyone welcome.

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Feb 25

Dance at Mushaboom Fire Hall

On April 14th there will be a dance at the Mushaboom Fire Hall from 9 pm to 1am. Tickets are $10.00 at the door. 19 years and above. Metro is the band. Join us for a fun night.

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Feb 20

Benefit for Kimmie Smith

There will be a silent auction and dance on March 17 from 8-1 pm for Kimmie Smith.  This event is happening at the Sheet Harbour Legion.

Auction items may be dropped off at MacDonald Chislom and Trask  Insurance office, 22615 #7 Highway, Sheet Harbour.

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Jan 28

Hope Chest Winner

This week , March 7, the Registered number for the Hope Chest that was randomly drawn was # 1222. However the number was registered but Not Played ! According to Hope Chest rules….when a number is registered but not played….the 50% winnings for that week are ‘rolled over to the next week of play’ ……therefore increasing the jackpot! The amount that will be rolled is $286 and will be added to March 14th winnings.

If you have registered your ‘Number for Life’ at a participating vendor : Make Sure You Play! One Toonie per week per Registered Number! To increase your chances ….Register additional numbers and then play additional Toonies.
A second option is to ‘prepay 5 weeks in advance’ by placing $10 in the brown envelopes supplied at vendors. This will ensure you won’t ‘forget’ to play . You will receive a reminder email or phone call to go in and play again when you are on your last week of your prepay.
(Toonies are not drawn……Numbered Ping Pong balls are drawn at random to determine the winning numbers. Thank you to members of the public at the Library who do the draws.) ADG-106640-17

This week’s (February 28th) Hope Chest 50/50 winner is Helen Hilchey.
Helen’s Registered Number is 1013 and she registered at Wilson’s in Sheet Harbour. Her 50% of Toonies played was $284. Congratulatons, Helen!

Don’t forget to play your registered number this week at one of
the participating Vendors: Norse Cove, JPs Mini Stop, Sheet Harbour Fuels and Convenience, Wilsons, Discount Store, Dufferin Variety, and Gizmos.

This week’s (February 21st) Hope Chest 50/50 winner is June McInnis.
June’s Registered Number is 1409 and she registered at JPs Mini Stop in Spry Bay. Her 50% of Toonies played was $282. Congratulatons, June.

Don’t foget to play your registered number this week at one of
the participating Vendors!
You can increase your chances weekly by registering additional numbers and playing more toonies with those numbers.
You can also prepay weeks in advance by placing bills inside the brown envelopes provided at the vendors sites…..Add your name and Registered Number on the outside of the envelope!

February 14th Hope Chest 50/50 winner is Angie Havlik.
Angie’s Registered Number is 1855 and she registered at Sheet Harbour Discount Store. Her 50% of Toonies played was $291! Congratulatons, Angie! Don’t foget to play your registered number this week at one of the participating Vendors! ADG-106640-17

February 7 winner of the Hope Chest 50/50 draw was Helen Berrigan form Necum Teuch.
She won $285 and Ticket #1212
Helen registered her number at Gizmo’s in Moser River.

January 31st winner of the Hope Chest 50/50 draw was Denise Logan. She won
$242 and Ticket #1021
Denise registered her number at Wilsons.


Winner of Week One Hope Chest Toonie 50/50 Draw was Faith Young !
She won the prize of $500 for first draw only.
Faith played her Toonie and Number For life at JPs Mini Stop in Spry Bay!

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Jan 28

Hope Chest Rules

“HOPE CHEST” Official Rules and Regulations

• You can register to play the “HOPE CHEST” at any time and you can register more than one number. In order to win, your registered number(s) must be played. To register, fill out a ticket card at one of our “Hope Chest” locations. Print legibly. Put the side with your contact info in the box. Keep the other side, it has on it your “Number For Life”. This number remains yours until you request, in writing, to have it removed from our list; the lottery ceases; or in the event of the death of the registered number owner.
• When the ticket cards are collected from the “HOPE CHEST” boxes, the information from these cards will be added to our master list.
• The weekly draw will occur every Wednesday at the Bluewater Building, Unit 214, 22756 Highway 7, Sheet Harbour, NS. The deadline to play is noon of the day of the draw. To play, use a sticker supplied at the box and put your “Number For Life” on it. Underline your number. Put the sitcker on a Toonie and drop it into the “Hope Chest”.
• You can play in advance by filling out an envelope at one of our vendors with your name, Number for Life and an amount. Place the amount (in multiples of $10 – each $10 equals 5 consecutive weeks play for that number) in the envelope and drop it into the “HOPE CHEST” (bills only, please!).
• A notice will be placed on the box indicating the date of the next weekly draw.
• Winners will be contacted by phone and/or email.
• A government issued picture ID is required to collect your winnings.
• When you claim or are paid a prize, you automatically grant the right to publish, through all types of media broadcasting, including the internet, for the purposes of promoting the win, your name, hometown and photograph without any claim for broadcasting, printing or other rights. You will have no claim for invasion of privacy or any other ground(s) by reason of the publication or broadcasting of your name, hometown or photograph or information voluntarily provided by you.
• If a player does not play their “Number” and his/her number is drawn, they do not win and therefore the prize money “rolls over” to the next draw.
• Excepting the Nova Scotia gaming policy that all players must be 19 years or older and a resident of Nova Scotia, the organization has placed no additional restrictions on who may play “HOPE CHEST”. Sponsors, donors, volunteers, members and staff of the organization will be permitted to play.
• Winners have 90 days from the draw date to claim their prize. Should the winner not come forward, a second draw must be made for prizes unclaimed after 90 days following the original draw date.

Nova Scotia Gaming Lottery License:

You can register and play at these locations:

-Gizmo’s Variety,
​28995 Hwy 7, Moser River

– Dufferin Variety
​25528 Hwy 7, Port Dufferin

-Norse Cove Cafe
​15643 Hwy 7, East Ship Harbour

-JP’s Mini Stop
​19620 Hwy 7, Spry Bay

-Sheet Harbour Discount,
​22808 Hwy 7, Sheet Harbour

-Sheet Harbour Fuels & Convenience,
​22512 Hwy 7, Sheet Harbour

-Sheet Harbour Wilsons, ​
​22677 Hwy 7, Sheet Harbour

We are very fortunate to have the Sheet Harbour Lions Club sponsoring this fundraising effort as one of their community activities.
Exciting News!

Weekly 50/50 draw!

And it only costs a Toonie!

For the Opening Draw only, there
is a guaranteed prize of

The Eastern Shore Lifestyles Centre Society is starting a weekly Toonie 50/50 draw and each week you can enter to win one-half of the proceeds for that week. We are calling it our “Hope Chest” and you will be able to find it at the businesses listed below. Our first draw will be January 24th but you can register for your Number at any time.

We “Hope” you will play a part in the future of a new multi-purpose community venture by supporting the “Hope Chest”. I’m sure you will “Hope” you win!

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Jan 25

Memory Lane Heritage Village

2018 Special Events at Memory Lane Heritage Village

Eastern Shore Players Dinner Theatre
Fri. – Sun. May 4th, 5th, & 6th Weekend
Memory Lane Heritage Village, Cookhouse
6:00 PM
$40 (includes meal)
Back by popular demand! The Eastern Shore Players present their original murder mystery dinner theatre in the Heritage Village Cookhouse. The “Lobster Trap” is a comic tragedy featuring a stellar cast and excellent cooking, all from the fictitious “cookhouse” of the Lobster Canning factory in McCoy’s Creek. Tickets are $40 each and must be purchased in advance.
845-1937 / 1-877-287-0697

Eastern Shore Cold Waters Seafood Festival
Saturday, June 2nd – Sunday June 3rd
Memory Lane Heritage Village
11:00 am – 4:00 pm
$5 Admission
12 and under free

$2 “Taste” Tickets (see website for details)
Now in its fifth year, this festival is a culinary delight. The cold clear waters of the Eastern Shore yield some of the best seafood in the province. Here’s a chance to sample it at its freshest – clams, mussels, oysters, lobsters and fresh and smoked fish along with traditional heritage foods such as Solomon Gundy, Seafood Chowder, and Fishcakes and Beans. Check our website for details and a complete list of vendors and samples.
845-1937 / 1-877-287-0697

Father’s Day Antique Car Show
Sunday, June 17th
(Rain date is Sunday, June 24th)
Memory Lane Heritage Village
10:00 am – 3:00 pm
12 and under free

A Father’s Day outing the whole family will love. Enjoy a wide range of vehicles on display throughout the Heritage Village grounds. Special Father’s Day draws and live music in the Clam Factory. Plus kids can challenge Dad to a Kub Kar race after they have made their own car in the Boatshop. Snacks and a variety of Cookhouse meals available on site.
845-1937 / 1-877-287-0697

Dominion Day “Old Time” Village Fair
Sunday, July 1st
Memory Lane Heritage Village
10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Free admission
Donations appreciated
A festive day celebrating the coastal villages in the Lake Charlotte area. Come see dozens of remote controlled model boats in action on the Dufferin Pond. Enjoy a free freshly made donut from our vintage Belshaw Donut Robot, then join in the traditional 1940s games and races with the kids, or try panning for gold.
845-1937 / 1-877-287-0697

Women’s Heritage Celebration
Sat. – Sun.
July 14th & 15th
Memory Lane Heritage Village
11:00 am – 4:00 pm
Free admission
Donations appreciated
An annual celebration of women’s work in the home and community. Visit the homestead to make pickles, knead bread, or taste rhubarb jelly. Kids will love cranking the rollers when we wash laundry. Check our website for a complete schedule of demonstrations, Sunday Tea Social and Ecumenical Church Service. An event for the whole family.
845-1937 / 1-877-287-0697

Old Fashioned Tea Social
July 15th
Memory Lane Heritage Village, Clam Factory
1:30 PM & 2:30PM
An old fashioned summer tea party in the Clam Factory using antique china and serving lots of sandwiches, squares and our famous butter tarts. There are two seatings for the tea, at 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm. Some seats can be pre-purchased on our website, and some will be held on a first come, first serve basis.
845-1937 / 1-877-287-0697

15th Annual Atlantic Canada Harmonica Festival
Saturday, August 11th
Memory Lane Heritage Village
11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Festival Pass $52

Dinner $17
Evening Showcase $13
A day filled with the versatile music of the harmonica. Beginner and master classes with some of the best harmonica players in Atlantic Canada. Afternoon Jamboree followed by dinner. Festival ends with a two hour showcase concert featuring harmonica players of all musical genres, from the Isle of Skye to the Mississippi Delta.
845-1937 / 1-877-287-0697
Heritage Dinner & Musique Royale Concert

Saturday, September 15th
Memory Lane Heritage Village, Cookhouse & Church
Concert: 5:00 – 6:30 Dinner:
7:00 pm

Back by popular demand, Memory Lane Heritage Village will host a Musique Royale Concert in the historic Clam Harbour Church, followed by a lamp-lit four course dinner in the Cookhouse. Reservations must be made by the Thursday before the concert. Menu to be announced.
845-1937 / 1-877-287-0697

Nova Scotia Forest Festival
Saturday, October 13th
Memory Lane Heritage Village
11:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Free Admission
We are excited to bring back the Nova Scotia Forest Festival, a showcase of the many ways Nova Scotians connect to the Province’s forests for their livelihood, housing, recreation, food, and heritage. More than a dozen hands-on activities, along with nature walks and great lumber camp food.
845-1937 / 1-877-287-0697
Traditional 1940s Christmas Dinner
Saturday & Sunday
November 17th & 18th

Memory Lane Heritage Village, Cookhouse & Church
6:30 PM
$28 per person
An authentic 1940s Christmas dinner served by lamplight in our traditionally decorated Cookhouse. No turkey! Reserve by August 30th to avoid disappointment. Cash bar opens at 6:00 PM. Candlelight concert precedes the dinner at 5:00 PM in the Memory Lane church.
845-1937 / 1-877-287-0697

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Jan 09

Life Styles Hope Chest Lottery

​The Capital and Operating fundraising committee for the Eastern Shore Lifestyles Centre Society is bringing a new fundraiser to the Eastern Shore from East Ship Harbour to Ecum Secum. The fundraiser, in support of the new facility, is being sponsored by the Sheet Harbour Lions Club and it is called ‘Hope Chest’ and is a weekly 50/50 Draw that costs a Toonie ($2) a week (per number) to play. You begin by registering for a ‘Number for Life’ which then becomes your number to play each week……You go to participating vendors who will provide a white sticker that you will write your number on, Stick It To A Toonie, and then place your Toonie in the Hope Chest . On Wednesdays the coin with their numbers will be collected and then a random draw for the winning number will take place each week in the office of the Sheet Harbour and Area Chamber of Commerce Office, Unit 214, in the Bluewater Building in Sheet Harbour. The winner of the number drawn will win one half of the amount played… and if the number drawn doesn’t happen to have been ‘played’ that week….the funds will ‘roll over’ to the next week and will be added to the prize allotment for the following week. The vendors participating are : Norse Cove Cafe ; JP’s Mini Stop; Sheet Harbour Fuels and Convenience Irving Garage; Sheet Harbour Wilson’s Garage; Sheet Harbour Discount Store; Dufferin Variety; Gizmo’s Variety. Players must be 19 years of age. A government issued picture ID is required to collect your winnings. First Draw Date is January 24th in the Bluewater Building , Unit 214. AGD-106640-17.
An information flyer with Toonie 50/50 Draw on it with the rules and information is being mailed in early January and will be printed on Blue Paper…so watch for it in your mail.

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Dec 30

Moser River Community Centre Activities

Please join us for the St. Mary’s Anglican Church Easter Egg Remembrance Celebration.
Date: Saturday, March 31, 2018
Location: St. Mary’s Church, Harrigan Cove
Time: 7:00pm
If you wish to remember a loved one, contact Rosalind Levy at 902-654-2209 by Saturday, March 24 so all the names can be placed in the Easter Remembrance Eggs. Lunch provided following this special celebration. All Welcome!


First Monday of the Month – Moser River Community Hall Meeting-7:00pm

Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday – Exercises – 9:00-10:00 am – Donation at the door – All Welcome

Every Tuesday – 45 Cards- 7:30 pm- Cost – $7.00- All Welcome

Every Wednesday – Music Night – Bring your instrument and join the fun – 7:00pm
Donation at the Door- All Welcome

Every Thursday – Darts – 7:30pm

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Jun 02

Friends of Taylor Head Park Activities


The Friends of Taylor Head Provincial Park (FOTHP) organization offers a program of interpreted and guided outings and other events that we hope will enhance the experience of park users. This initiative originates from our strong attachment to Taylor Head Provincial Park and our passion for the natural world.

The guides and interpreters for all activities are volunteers. We have limited resources in terms of the scope and level of assistance that we are able to offer to participants who cannot safely participate without special attention or supervision. In particular, if you have mobility, endurance, or cognitive limitations we ask that you read the program details very carefully to ensure that the activity you choose is right for you. The program includes both easy and demanding events.

All activities are FREE.

If you would like to support the organization and the work we do, purchase a Friends of Taylor Head membership. Annual membership fees are Family $20 and Individual $10.

You need sturdy footwear such as walking shoes, hiking sneakers, or hiking boots. Street shoes or sandal-type footwear with open toes and heels are not suitable for these rough hiking trails. If you have questions about the conditions of the trails, just give us a call.

We have graded our hiking trails as EASY or MODERATE for hikes under 3 kilometers, and DIFFICULT for hikes over 3 kilometers, such as the Headland Trail. Most outings exceed three hours, so do not forget to bring drinking water, something to eat, and appropriate outdoor clothing.




Flickers at Taylor Head Provincial Park

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Apr 04

Download A Community Listing Directory

Click here to download a community directory listing

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Dec 05

Online Store Retail Links

  1. Canadian Tire

  2. Costco

  3. Ebay Canada

  4. Ebay US

  5. Walmart

  6. Toys r Us

  7. Home Hardware

  8. Home Depot

  9. The Shopping Channel

  10. Princess Auto

  11. The Source

  12. New Egg –  computer and electronics

  13. Tiger Direct – computers and electronics

  14. Sears Outlet Site

  15. Staples

  16. Best Buy

  17. Future Shop

  18. Shaw Direct Satellite

  19. Bell Satellite TV


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Dec 05

Online Weather Links

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Dec 05

Online News Organizations

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Dec 05

Online Job Links & Resources

  1.  Job Bank

  2. Job Search Services



  5. Career Beacon

  6. Monster Job Site

  7. Employment Nova Scotia

  8. Nova Scotia Job Shop

  9. Workopolis

  10. Capital Health Jobs

  11. HRM Jobs

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